In the world of retail point-of-purchase displays, brand managers don’t always know all of their options.

For example, when do you need a full vs. half vs. quarter pallet? What is a “display skirt” and when is it needed? Read on to find out.

Pallet Display Sizes

Full sized pallet displays are most commonly used in big box and warehouse clubs where there’s ample of floor space and a need to move and display product efficiently.

Half or quarter pallet displays are specified for lower volume stores, testing of new products or where the value of the total product on the display exceeds the retailers comfort level.

Pallet Display Skirts

Pallet skirts wrap around the 4-6 pallets to:

  1. Raise the selling height of a display
  2. Reduce the total count per pallet
  3. Enhance branding or messaging of new products
  4. The weight of a full pallet is too heavy

From our experience, warehouse clubs like Costco want a skirt for your pallet display when the product cost is high and they want to the reduce overall cost and risk of the pallet. This is especially the case when doing a new product test: Costco wants to minimize their exposure when it’s the first time a product goes into their stores.

Pallet Display Skirt

Eddie Bauer Pallet Display with Skirt

Pallet Display Innovation

Whatever the size or retailer requirements, we can help you create pallet displays that will attract consumer attention, ensure successful product tests and accelerate sales in Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s, Walmart and other big box retailers. We will also take the pain out of your supply chain,
so you can focus on what you do best.

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