In addition to creating and producing some of the most innovative retail POP displays and packaging on the market, we’re also on a mission to take the pain out of your supply chain so you can focus on what you do best.

Sadly, we can’t help everyone in time. Here are a few horror stories that could’ve been avoided by taking advantage of our display and packaging supply chain expertise. Fortunately, we were able to come to the rescue in each case.

Exhibit A: Overseas Product Vendor Botches Pack-Out

One of our clients had their product manufacturer do the pack-out and fulfillment for Blitz: Walmart’s annual Black Friday sale. When the POP displays arrived in the US, they had severe presentation issues and collapsed because the vendor used substandard materials with poor workmanship and a lack of quality control.

TPH Global to the rescue: we fixed each display to make them retail-ready, just in the nick of time for Blitz.

Exhibit B: Print Quality Rejection

We had another client that shipped product to a major retailer who rejected it because of poor and inconsistent print quality.

TPH Global to the rescue: we did a quick turn domestically to rerun all packaging and sent it out so that each store could exchange the packaging. Note: most retailers would just reject the shipment and never have their stores switch out packaging, but this happened to be a hot sporting goods product so our client got lucky and we helped them make sure this never happened again.

Exhibit C: Product Outgrows Display

We had a client that ran the same display in Costco for four years running. While this can be a problem in and of itself, the product had outgrown the display but our client’s product vendor continued to pack it the same way. In the fourth year, the displays failed at the Costco store.

TPH Global to the rescue: we fixed the problem on the fly and make it workable for the current season, then revamped the program for the next season. There haven’t been any problems since and we helped saved our client’s business with Costco. Our client can now focus their energy on other areas of product development rather than to worry about packaging and displays.

May These Mistakes Serve as a Warning to Others

Retail POP display and packaging supply chain mistakes

Remember this Despair, Inc. “demotivational poster”? Don’t be that guy.

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