We often get asked which is the right type of display for a variety of retail locations, from warehouse clubs to big box retail to mom & pop liquor stores.

Backed with over 50 years of experience, below are the four main display types, how their durability varies, available material types, and other options to consider when you want to maximize product sales and control display costs:

Display Type Durability Materials Other Options

Floor Temporary, Semi-Perm, Permanent Corrugated, plastic, wood, metal Pre-Pack, Shippers

Pallet Temporary Corrugated Pre-Pack

Counter/PDQ Temporary, Semi-Perm Corrugated, plastic, folding carton Waterfall

In-Shelf Temporary, Semi-Perm, Permanent Plastic, wood, metal, wire Product Glorifiers


A Custom, Value-Add Approach

If you’re not sure what’s the right fit for your needs, that’s why you should work with us. Our design service begins by surveying the retail environment to better understand the category and identify the right type of display, durability and materials needed to create a successful design.

We also provide a comprehensive suite of supply chain services that eliminate logistics, warehousing and supplier headaches by having us manage them for you.

Especially for those clients manufacturing in China or Asia and needing to get their products in warehouse clubs and big box retail stores, our packaging services allow our clients the option of having one-stop shopping for all of their retail and merchandising needs.

Contact us to learn more about what is the right retail POP display type for you

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