We Do Our Homework for Academic Publisher

When a prestigious publisher of classroom support materials needed a display sturdy enough to showcase an array of bulky textbooks, but light enough for sales reps to carry from one presentation to the next, the company turned to TPH for ideas.

At TPH Global®, we have a long history of working with the educational publishing industry, including lots of experience with sales and sample kits for classroom, conference and retail displays that have to stand up to rigorous use, travel, and repeated dismantling and set-up.

TPH Solutions Make the Grade

So we didn’t flinch at this assignment, not even when we learned it had to be done within a tight time frame. Where other packaging and display companies see problems, we see solutions.

For this project those included:

  • Cost-effectiveness and flexibility: We designed a display that could be customized for different subjects by switching out the headers.
  • Portability: The fully-packed display weighs 40 pounds but features a compact closure that allows it to be easily transported. 
  • Durability: The client needed a kit that could withstand a lot of handling, in addition to being sturdy enough to support the weight of multiple, softcover
  • Deadline management: We were able to turn the project around in a few short weeks from concept through design, manufacturing, assembly and shipping.

Publisher’s Display a Class Act

When completed, the display created an attractive and sturdy presentation centerpiece for the company’s conferences, displaying multiple educational titles in history, Latin, and more.

Its debut created a conference success – and even drew the attention of competitors who were so impressed they asked to photograph it.

If you’ve got a difficult subject to tackle for your next packaging and display project, don’t sweat it. At TPH the tough subjects are our favorites. We have 50 years of experience in problem solving for packaging and display projects across a wide variety of industries. Our expertise in supply chain logistics, project management, big box retail requirements and cost-effective design has positioned us at the front of the class since 1965. 

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