With over 50 years of experience, we’ve developed the following packaging and retail display best practices when supplying warehouse clubs and big box stores.

Meeting Retail Requirements

We offer deep expertise in meeting the following retail requirements:

  • Distribution: ensuring the right number of pieces are loaded onto ships and trucks, that they get to the right distribution hubs and stores, and have the proper labeling and barcoding
  • In-Store: the right structure, signage and graphic design that meets the design language of the retailer
  • Testing & QA: we’ll even work with third-party testing facilities that ensure that packaging and displays will withstand the rigors of transportation and distribution

Requirements for each warehouse club and big box store differ somewhat. For example, with pallet displays, some retailers may want them to be shopped from three sides or they may need to go under a rack so we design to the right form factor and maximum height and width. We can help you manage all of the above.

In this way, working with TPH is like having an insurance policy to ensure that you always have an on-time supply of packaging and retail displays that meet all retailer requirements. We can do so because, in addition to designing packaging and retail displays, we also provide all project management, supervise suppliers, and QC all components of your order wherever it’s being made, including overseas…

China Manufacturing & Shipping

Co-Packing in ChinaWe offer special expertise co-packing in China and elsewhere in Asia so that the proper packaging and retail displays are used and they are shipped in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Many consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers have been burned by relying on their factories to purchase packaging and displays from local sources with the result being the receipt of the wrong materials, color matching problems, unpredictable deliveries, and not meeting warehouse club and big box retailer requirements. TPH can work with your suppliers and manufacturers to ensure the highest levels of packaging and retail display quality and to meet varying retailer requirements.

Once they are ready to ship, we will help you determine the ideal shipping configuration according to the Topps report, and if there are further ways to reduce costs like whether or not we can double stack boxes. We also handle emergency shipments when packaging needs to be supplied here on short notice, and we can manage domestic stockpiles of packaging and retail displays here in the US if need be.

What can we do for you?

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Par for the Course in China–A shipment of customer product to our co-packing facility.

China Packaging & Retail Displays

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