In the current COVID-19 environment, at TPH Global Solutions® “business as usual” is anything but ordinary. To think only a few months ago, we were navigating a trade war with constantly changing tariffs between the U.S. and China. With all that we have been through in the last 20 years, few obstacles match the challenges of navigating a global pandemic.

Finding a way to put our supply chain and project management expertise to use in developing a pipeline of critical PPE for frontline medical personnel and first responders fighting COVID-19, as well as supporting essential workers with PPE to return to work, has been a huge test of our global supply chain skills. We are very proud of the way our team and our Chicago manufacturing partners responded to make it happen.

Recently, T-Mobile helped us share the story of that effort on and in a Facebook interview. You can watch the interview below and you can read the piece here: From Packaging To Protecting, A Small Business Pivots to Produce Face Shields

We wanted to develop a product that we could quickly and safely put in the hands of frontline healthcare workers and first responders. We wanted to do whatever we could to help protect them.

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