TPH Global was founded 50 years ago by industry pioneer and quiet philanthropist, Aaron Schmidt.

Humble Beginnings

After graduating from Roosevelt University, Aaron went to work for Field Container, where he soon realized that packaging sales was for him. After spending two years in the Army, he then went on to work for Stone Container where he was one of their top salesmen. In 1965, Aaron founded The Packaging House, Inc.

“The Original Outsourcer”

Aaron was referred to as the “original outsourcer,” as The Packaging House, Inc. represented a paradigm shift in industry: that of a creative sales service company, which met the needs of his manufacturing clientele. Though he grew up as the son of an immigrant tailor, Aaron’s company at one point became one of the largest customers of his former employer, Field Container.

A Quiet Philanthropist

Aaron believed in supporting charitable organizations as a way of life. He raised money for many causes, including being a board member of the Ocean Reef Medical Center in Key Largo, Florida and in leading the fundraising effort to raise over $350,000 for a state-of-the-art U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary vessel.

TPH Global Solutions Today

Aaron’s son, Philip Schmidt, became president of The Packaging House, Inc. in 1996 and his other son David Schmidt became COO in 2000. The Packaging House was renamed TPH Global Solutions in 2005, to more accurately reflect our evolution as a global supplier of packaging and retail POS/POP displays. Today, Aaron’s legacy is in good hands as TPH continues adding value for CPGs well beyond design, including:

  • Streamlining production and logistics in Asia (if manufactured there)
  • Producing displays that use an optimal mix of materials (corrugated, wood, plastic, metal, etc.)
  • Helping CPGs fulfill big box store requirements, including Costco, Walmart and Target
  • Generating maximum product sell-through

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