TPH offers FDA-standard face masks for $0.25 each and face shields for as low as $2.25 each.

Ongoing shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) pose yet another challenge to frontline workers and healthcare personnel facing another daunting increase in COVID-19 cases.

A recent New York Times article describes “alarming shortages” that have led to practices like the repeated reuse of PPE.  At one health care center, healthcare workers reported having to reuse their N95 face masks up to six times, compromising their health and safety.

Medical-Grade Face Masks and Shields

At TPH, we are working to help provide critical PPE to facilities across the country and have decreased the cost of our FDA-standard medical face masks and face shields.

TPH’s disposable face masks are 3-ply, pleated and fluid resistant with medical-grade bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of > 95%. The masks are one- size fits all, secured with comfortable, elastic, and latex-free ear loops. All masks are third-party tested, passing the ASTM F1862 and the EN 14863:2014 standards, and are produced in an FDA-registered factory.

TPH’s face shields are FDA-compliant, made of FDA virgin 0.012 aPET with an open-cell foam headboard for comfort. These face shields are designed for multiple use by a single user. Made right here in Chicago, IL, the shields are FDA-approved under EUA 4132020 and are 510k exempt.

Discount and Volume Pricing Available

Masks are available for as low as $0.25 in 500- and 2,000-piece cases, as well as pallets.

Size Quantity Price Availability
Pallet 30,000 $0.25 Each In Stock
2K Case 2,000 $0.25 Each In Stock
500 Case 500 $0.28 Each In Stock


Shields are available from $2.25 to $2.60 each in pallets, 40- and 10-pack cases.

Size Quantity Price Availability
Pallet 2,880 Shields $2.25 Each, plus shipping In Stock
40-pk Case 40 Shields $2.30 Each In Stock
10-pk Case 10 Shields $2.60 Each In Stock


For larger orders, contact us to learn more about discount and volume pricing.

Ready-to-Ship Inventory

Our face masks and shields are ready for immediate distribution from Chicago to healthcare facilities across the U.S. Shipping is fast and secure.

TPH Global®is proud to serve a small part in the fight against COVID-19 by supporting our frontline workers with accessible, high-quality protective equipment. TPH’s inventory of medical-grade face masks and FDA-compliant face shields protects healthcare and essential workers from the ongoing threat of COVID-19.

Contact us through the link below to learn more about our ready-to-ship PPE.

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