What’s the difference between temporary, semi-permanent and permanent point-of-purchase (POP) and point-of-sale (POS) retail displays?

Temporary POP & POS Displays

Temporary displays are designed to last 2-3 weeks in retail or “in and out.” They are generally not refilled and the display is thrown away once they’re half full.

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This type of POP/POS display is useful when:

  • There isn’t a possibility to get on-shelf placement
  • For launching a new product
  • For runs of 500 to 10,000

They’re easy to recycle as the material for floor displays is corrugated 90% of time and folding carton or chipboard for counter displays (the type you often see at CVS and Walgreens).

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TPH Tip: temporary displays can be pre-packed with products as well as having a flat option where the display is set up in the store.

Semi-Permanent POP & POS Displays

You don’t see a whole lot of semi-permanent displays but they are useful if you need to have a vacuum formed tray that gets attached to a corrugated or permanent base. These displays are designed to last between 2-3 weeks and 6 months.

For one client, we designed a vacuum formed tray used to display hair care and cosmetics products. Corrugated temporary displays do not fit the high-end look and feel of luxury brands and vacuum formed trays help the product stay organized in specific recesses.

Permanent POP & POS Displays

John Deere Safety Zone Permanent Retail POP, POSDisplay

Permanent displays are designed to last 1-3 years on a retail floor. They are constantly refilled with products and reinforce your the brand message, by placing your name all over it.

In fact, the goal is to design permanent displays so the retailer doesn’t put competitive products on your display. As such, consumer packed goods companies usually provide permanent displays to retailers at no charge – and some retailers now require this.

Material for permanent displays includes wood, metal, wire, acrylic, plastic, and cintras with headers that can be printed directly upon them and/or include plexis (frosted).

With changeable graphic panels, permanent displays can be utilized multiple times for consumer packaged goods just by replacing the graphics, so you don’t need to buy new tooling each time.

Ask us about the permanent hamster display we created for Petco if you’d like to see an example of our innovation.

The TPH POP & POS Display Advantage

Our display clients receive the following from us:

  • Extensive knowledge of the retail environment
  • Understanding logistics of getting displays to retailers (from China and Asia as well as domestically)
  • Attention to detail
  • Personal level of customer service vs. feeling like you’re just another order

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