When a leading pet products brand found itself with a multi-year, high-visibility opportunity to get its aquarium supply products into one of the country’s biggest pet retailers, the complications grew like algae in a poorly maintained fish tank.

There were competing expectations between the brand and the retailer over how many products should have space on the display, which at one point was designed with as many as 27 separate planograms. There were footprints of varying sizes at different locations. The final result had to be both flexible enough to enable modifications and to allow for tool-free assembly and set-up. The specifications were modified repeatedly over two years of negotiation and redesign.

It was shaping up to be far from the stress-reducing experience enjoyed by the more than 13 million American households who purchase aquarium supplies, a hobby that studies have linked to mental and physical health benefits like lowered heart rates and reduced anxiety.

At TPH Global Solutions®, however, decades of experience managing big box and specialty retailer campaigns have left us adept at clearing away the complications that arise when the needs and expectations of multiple entities have to be reconciled. Like fish gliding around an aquarium spreading feelings of calm, our expertise and knack for troubleshooting help ratchet down the stress for our clients, who depend on us to make sure their big box retail campaigns go swimmingly.

When It’s Sink or Swim, Experience Matters

The aquarium project was more complex than many retail campaigns, but all campaigns require a painstaking attention to detail and the careful reconciling of brand and retailer needs. When you are managing a project with over 1,500 custom retail displays that includes fixtures of varying depth holding a 45-SKU collection of incandescent bulbs, glass covers, hoods, power strips and other aquarium supplies in a structure that has to be built to three different footprints and assembled without bolts or screws by store managers using only their hands – clarity is the biggest stress reliever.

That’s what TPH was able to provide, throughout two years of changing requirements. We were also able to convince the retailer to ship the displays through their distribution centers, saving our client $500,000 in shipping costs.

Success is in the Details

The final result was what a fixture supervisor at the retailer called “one of the smoothest implementations” she’d ever seen. Only a single manager called with an assembly question.

At TPH Global, that’s the goal of everything we do for our clients – to convert decades of experience in packaging, display and global supply chain management into seamless, stress-free and successful retail campaigns for our clients, getting them over the finish line feeling confident and ready to tackle their next campaign.

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