We were recently contacted by a housewares brand in need of guidance and support as they prepared to make a successful pitch to Costco.
Their last attempts came up short.

While they had a solid understanding of their product, they failed to convey confidence and knowledge in Costco’s requirements related to retail point-of-purchase displays, packaging and the associated supply chain logistics.

Retail buyers want to know that you understand everything about getting your product through their system. Having a great product is not enough! By partnering with TPH Global Solutions, this company now has 50 years of display and packaging experience and our global supply chain in their corner.

We Know What Major Retailers Need

Having been part of many millions of products sold over 50 years through warehouse clubs, big box retailers, major grocery chains, and a legion of mom and pops, we know what retailers needs in terms of displays, packaging and getting them into their distribution network.

In addition to designing and producing displays and packaging, or working with your domestic and/or overseas suppliers to do so, we can also be present during your pitch before anything has been finalized. We will give you and your retailer the confidence you need to meet retailers’ rigorous display and packaging requirements,
cost structure, product mix, manufacturing and financial capacity, best practices to meet stringent requirements, and much more.

What 50 Years of Display & Packaging Experience Gets You

We also know how warehouse club and other retailer requirements vary by retailer type and individual company, having worked extensively with Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s, Target, Walmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Meijer’s, many independents – just to name a few.

We also know how requirements can vary by the type of retail POP display and product type, having worked with housewares, health and beauty, food, electronics, hardware, footwear, eyewear, sporting goods, toys, pet supplies,
and many more.

Swim with the Sharks

Pitching products to major retailers is like being on Shark Tank. Any stumble or lack of confidence will immediately lead to doubt and will hurt your chances, if not completely blow your shot.

Because packaging and displays are an extension of your product, having us part of your pitch will be an extension of your product knowledge so that the retailer will have confidence in your ability to execute. This will also help us identify any requirements that may be challenging to address.

Contact us today to successfully pitch your products to major retailers

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