While a retail campaign is never an easy undertaking, it is hard to remember a time as spiked with drama and uncertainty as the mess that is Q1 2021.

The bad news? Or should we say, worse news? – is that the conditions that have created what one observer has called “unprecedented” supply chain pressures, could be with us for a while, including container shortages, Covid-19 and an unsettled and volatile market for plastic, corrugated and domestic freight options.

Added to the seasonal disruptions of winter and Chinese New Year, it’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel. But don’t. We need every towel. The market for housewares is booming!

At TPH Global®, we’ve been managing clients’ retail programs through China and the U.S. for a long time. So while we recognize crazy conditions when we see them, decades of experience have taught us to stay prepared for disruption with every campaign we oversee.

Chinese New Year, of course, is an annual hiccup you can plan for. Chinese New Year plus the coronavirus plus polar vortex means you can expect the hiccups to be a little more protracted than usual. Breathe.

The Right Strategies for Volatile Conditions

The good news is, being prepared for bad news is just as good a strategy as it always was.

When you partner with TPH, you bring more than packaging, display and retailer requirement expertise to your campaign: you bring six decades of experience in supply chain logistics and troubleshooting to your side of the deal.

We can help ensure that you are prepared to meet your 2021 deadlines by building the timeline you need to insulate yourself against delays. It’s an unsettled market, but with careful planning building in a sufficient cushion, you can manage through the delays and get your campaign to market in time. We can help you secure the earlier commitments you need to stay ahead of volatile market conditions and help you meet your deadlines with assembly, co-packing, trucking and domestic supply options.

Partnering for Retail Success in a Difficult Market

Don’t get caught short by turbulent conditions. We can help you build your program around delays that, while they may be out of your control, can still leave you having to explain missed deadlines to the retailer whose approval you need.

At TPH, we’re committed to your success. We work on your deadlines and your budget to ensure that your campaign is on time, on budget and positioned for maximum sell-through and retail happiness.

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