Today’s retail marketplace is shaped by the print advertising/signage, product placement, and displays used to focus consumers on the brand’s products. With all the options available for promoting products, it’s easy to understand the confusion over POP vs. POS and what works best.

Let’s start with some definitions. Point of purchase (POP) refers to the areas of a store where product is on display. This can be on shelf, end cap, or free standing locations. A point-of-sale display is a form of display promotion that is found near, on, or next
to a checkout counter.

Purchasing Power

Both retail POP and POS displays have the ability to influence consumer behavior, but they are not one and the same.

POS displays target consumers at the moment they physically purchase and exchange payment for goods – i.e. at the cash register and, increasingly, extending into checkout lines that snake through a bonanza of impulse buys (e.g. Best Buy and Walgreens). These often include PDQ displays,
counter displays, waterfall displays, quarter pallet floor displays, and end-caps.

POP displays are located throughout the rest of the store where products are available for selection and where the purchase is mentally made.

Product Placement

A POS display may not give consumers enough time to learn about the benefits of a product or applicable promotions. Depending on the speed of the checkout process, these displays either engage a captive audience or capture only a fleeting glance.

On the other hand, POP displays have the opportunity to grab and hold the attention of shoppers. Eye-catching, information-imparting and interactive displays can really help sell a product.

Placement is Key

A highly-trafficked area in a store will garner the most attention. Products displayed in this manner stand out from everything else in the aisle and have the power to change a consumer’s mind when it comes to selecting from similar products. Whether it’s on the floor or on a shelf, these customized displays have the power to really make your sale.

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