For over 50 years, TPH Global Solutions has provided custom point of purchase (POP) merchandising displays and retail packaging that get products and companies noticed. We pride ourselves in being able to customize the retail displays to the wishes of our customers.

Brands today are fighting for customers’ attention. What do you do when sales go flat? Below are some of the innovative ways you can increase consumers’ attention to your products.

Aisle Violators

Aisle violators are great for grabbing shoppers’ attention as they wander through your store. Ideal for grocery retail environments such, this heavy-duty vinyl sign holder features a high-gloss UV coating and can be die-cut in any shape you want. These small signs extend into the aisle space and are equipped with double-sided graphics that will make your brand pop.

Shelf Talkers

Shelf talkers attach to a retail shelf ledge and are excellent at calling attention to promotional pricing or message for products on retail shelves. Shelf talkers use a promotion, brand logo or any other custom text or images to make a product stand out and communicate information to the shopper. Made from clear rigid PVC, shelf talkers provide a short description of the product line, point out sales on specific products, and often include QR codes for the customer to scan. Shelf talkers can be customize to any shape and size you wish.

Shelf Wobblers

Retail POP & POS Displays: Shelf WobblersShelf wobblers hang from a retail shelf edge and are designed to wobble, capturing shoppers’ attention. Fabricated of sturdy vinyl PVC plastic with high-gloss UV coating, they’re incredibly durable and, as with our other POP displays, shelf wobblers are fully customizable: you pick the size, shape and graphics.

These attention-grabbing sign holders are especially effective at promoting special offers and new products, and the wobbler arms and strips are easy to attach to shelf edges.

Overhead Sign Holders

Grab attention from above with our selection of overhead sign holders. There’s no need for a wall or rack; our sign holders offer you the best flexibility for location. Made of sturdy scratch-resistant vinyl, overhead signs remain lightweight and offer customizable fonts for easily readability. Cables and fasteners for easy ceiling mounting are included.

Floor Graphics

Retail POP & POS Displays: Floor GraphicsFloor graphics are a great idea to promote your brand or logo in a way that’s both eye-catching and help to draw customer traffic to your Brand. Decals are made of strong vinyl PVC with a specially-designed adhesive that will stick to your store floor but are guaranteed to come off with little to no glue residue. They feature a special skid-resistant over-laminate that protects against scarring, fading, and peeling. As always, decals can be customized to fit your desired shape, size and graphics.

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