The continuing growth of mass-market retailers has created powerful opportunities for brand managers, but also powerful competition for space on their shelves and floors.

Big Box retailers and specialty retailers like Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Lowe’s, Petco and Home Depot, don’t take their position in the marketplace for granted – and they expect the brands they deal with to know and comply with their specifications exactly.

A successful big box campaign strategy requires careful planning and execution. From defining your pitch strategy to performing supply chain vendor due diligence, an experienced partner can provide the edge you need to succeed. Our whitepaper, Big Box Campaign Success: Strategies to Land and Expand Opportunities and Avoid the Pitfalls, will introduce you to some of the common missteps and provide an overview of key elements for success, so you can accomplish the three key wins that define big box campaign success:

  1. Win the Buyer
  2. Win the Order
  3. Grow Your Sales

Whitepaper Highlights

This whitepaper covers all of the steps you will need to understand in undertaking a big box retail campaign, including:

  • The most important elements of a successful big box campaign
  • How to ensure compliance with individual retailer requirements
  • The elements of a successful pitch
  • The most important things to know about a test
  • How to optimize your global supply chain

Regardless of your organization’s size, honing your pitch strategy, test order processes, and supply chain management are all critical to the success of your campaign. In this whitepaper, we provide criteria for choosing the right packaging and supply chain partner, along with the most common mistakes made when managing a global supply chain.

Experience and Reliability for Retail Campaigns

With an experienced partner like TPH Global Solutions®, you gain industry expertise and campaign support, including successful supply chain management and fulfillment. Handling retailer expectations, deadlines, and details of your supply chain can be overwhelming, especially on a global scale. Outsourcing oversight to a packaging and global supply chain partner can ensure that your campaign runs smoothly from start to finish as you build lasting relationships with retailers.

TPH provides its licensee and brand manager clients global supply chain support, POP display expertise, and retail packaging assistance to accelerate sales while eliminating supply chain challenges. With over 50 years of experience, the TPH team has helped manage campaign challenges for a variety of industries, with reliable support and troubleshooting that covers all aspects of a retail campaign:

  • Retailer Pitch Support
  • Retail Display & Packaging Creation
  • Domestic & Overseas Production
  • Project Management & Supply Chain
  • Logistics & Transportation Support

To learn more about successful big box campaign strategies, download our whitepaper here or click on the link below.

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