TPH offers extensive experience in creating retail displays that accelerate product sell-through, from bird seed to aquariums to dog bones to gerbil trails.

Display types include permanent, pallet and temporary floor displays, PDQ counter displays and shelf/inline displays.

Pet Retail Display Process

Once we become familiar with your products, we’ll perform retail reconnaissance to understand the environment in which they will be displayed and what your competition is doing so that your display will stand out.

We then combine this with our extensive pet retail display expertise and knowledge of what national retailers like Petco require from their vendors’ displays. Finally, we will determine the right mix of display material and design to generate maximum sell-through of your products.

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Permanent Display Examples

Pet Fish Tanks Aquariums Retail Display Pet Hamster Retail Display
Aquarium Displays
Hamster Display
Pet LED Retail Display Pet Fish Tank Aquarium Retail Display
LED Display
Fish Tank Display


Temporary Display Example

Pet Demo Retail Temporary Display

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