PDQs have become very popular with grocery stores, warehouse clubs and drug stores because they are inexpensive, lightweight, simple to set up, contain 10-20 products, and can be customized to meet specific retailer requirements.

When designed effectively, they can increase your product’s sell-through and you can cut costs even further when you co-pack your product with these displays — especially if your product is manufactured in China.

What Are PDQ Counter Displays?

PDQ refers to “pretty darn quick” retail point-of-sale/purchase (POS/POP) displays due to how easy they are to set up and typically come

pre-packed. PDQs can display products throughout the store, including on shelves and endcaps, in addition to the checkout area.

How PDQs Stimulate Product Sell-Through

PDQs, as well as floor or pallet displays, offer a way to dress up the product graphically and structurally, and can show the product in use visually. The PDQ can be an attractive way to display the product and related items in a tray or stack. PDQs can also hide the product and packaging in a gravity-fed display where the display offers more space for compelling visuals.

Gravity Fed Displays: Candy

China Co-Packing & Turnkey Display Service

If you manufacture products in China or elsewhere in Asia, we can reduce your display costs by 20-25%. This can be achieved utilizing our services to co-pack your products into the PDQ, pallet or other type of retail display overseas before they get shipped.

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More PDQ Display Examples

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PDQ Counter Display: Hockey Puck Chocolate

Chocolate Hockey Pucks

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