Over the years, we’ve created many pallet display programs for CPG companies that have shipped into warehouse clubs and big box stores working in conjunction with their manufacturer partners in China and throughout Asia. We’ve done pallet displays for Costco, Walmart/Sam’s Club and BJ’s that have achieved a 90%+ sell through rate – often in the mid-90s. Below are a few examples.

Costco Pallet Displays

We’ve created Costco pallet displays for Khombu boots, Wells Lamont gloves, and Cole Haan socks to name a few.

With Khombu boots, we achieved a 90%+ sell-through rate at Costco. We designed the packaging and layout for the pallet displays and coordinated with multiple customer factories in China. We’ve worked with this client for over six years and have never had a manufacturing quality issue related to packaging or pallet displays. Our client put it best: “I could have my factories run all this, but I want to be able to sleep at night and TPH allows me to do that.” Chinese manufacturers are good at manufacturing products, not ensuring quality and attention to detail for packaging and pallet displays as we noted here.

For Wells Lamont, we created Costco pallet displays that included three-pack glove blister card packaging that we designed and produced. These blister cards allow the gloves to stand up straight in the trays so they can stack in the pallet display.


Walmart, Sam’s Club & BJ’s Pallet Displays

For Walmart, we created sock and underwear pallet displays for Reebok, as well as hanging pallet displays for and one that could be displayed in multiple ways. We also supplied quarter and half pallet displays as part of the Walmart Blitz program on Black Friday.

For Sam’s Club, we created Eddie Bauer slipper pallet displays. We also created pallet displays at BJ’s for Eddie Bauer and Totes kid boots, the latter of which has been running for six years now – it’s been so successful, that our client keeps re-ordering.

A Winning Combination

While part of any brand’s success is product and price point, we help to achieve high sell-through levels with packaging and pallet displays, year over year for so many – we’re part of a winning combination. Think of it this way: if your product and price point are strong but your packaging and pallet displays are not, how will your sell-through rate be affected? Your products are expected to have high sell-through rates. Poor execution at retail can really get in the way.

Costco, Walmart, Sam’s and BJs all have different structural requirements as part of their vendor compliance guidelines. Having successfully achieved these requirements, our clients have the peace of mind to know that their products will look great in-store with our packaging and displays, and a high sell-through rate will be achieved.

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