If you want to sell more product with retail point-of-purchase (POP) displays and are new to them, you’ve come to the right place.

The key to creating the most effective retail displays is to work with the right display partner vs. whoever offers the lowest price.

Price alone can be very misleading: some of the cheapest corrugated display suppliers actually cost the most because they are not strong in the following areas.

Retail Display Expertise

Many companies dabble in POP displays but few focus on them as part of their core business and have the expertise needed to create a strong retail presence for you.

The right retail display starts by establishing how much impact you want to have on product sales. How much additional sales do you expect to see with display? This will help determine the potential ROI and what level of investment can be justified for displays.

The budget then helps narrow down the many different types to choose from:

  • Form Factors: floor, on-shelf, countertop, and PDQ
  • Material Types: corrugated, plastic, wood, metal, wire, etc.
  • Levels of Durability: temporary, semi-permanent, permanent

Design & Creativity

Once you’ve identified the right type of display, you’ll want a design that extends your brand so that it jumps out at shoppers in the right way.

To gauge creativity of your partner, you’ll want to see their display design portfolio, then have them present you with ideas that are typically created as drawings. Once you’ve selected a design candidate, the next step is for your display partner to create a sample.

Supply Chain Optimization

Missed deliveries [link to last blog post] are a big issue for retail displays. This is where many suppliers fall down. Thus, you’ll want to understand your retail display partner’s on-time delivery track record, especially if you source displays, packaging and/or product from China or elsewhere in Asia.
While they may claim near perfection, check with a few of their clients to see if reality matches their claims.

What to look for includes having regional warehouses, offering display inventory management and being experienced in working with overseas suppliers.

Packaging Experience

Some retail display companies also offer packaging expertise. This is especially useful if you want to minimize retail setup by using pallet pack displays that are shipped with products and packaging within and/or if you’re sourcing both products and displays from overseas.

The Next Step

It all starts with a conversation to identify your display expectations and the capabilities of your prospective partners. We just encourage you to think more than just corrugated, price and company size.

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