Many product and brand managers aspire to get their products into Costco and it’s little wonder. Succeeding here is more than a leg up for your product; with monthly sales reaching over $1 billion and an army of loyal customers, Costco represents a retail opportunity like no other.

Yet navigating the big-box retailer’s complex guidelines and negotiating with Costco can be an intimidating process, full of unforgiving requirements and skeptical buyers who expect you to convince them that you’ve got everything under control.

The good news is, you’ve got this. At TPH Global Solutions®, we’ve been helping our clients nail their pitches for decades and we have extensive experience with Costco.

When you partner with TPH, your great products plus our know-how, including warehouse retailer requirements, packaging and display design and supply chain logistics and costs, will leave you positioned to conquer the aisles.

Your Guide to Costco Success

As a head start, we’ve created Your Guide to Costco Success, an overview of key steps from preparing your pitch to avoiding common supply chain mistakes. Among other insider tips, you’ll learn:

  • How to nail the product pitch
  • The most common reasons Costco pitches fail
  • The steps you need to take to close the deal
  • How to leave Costco buyers confident that you can get product and displays in store on time
  • How to troubleshoot common supply chain hurdles
  • The hidden costs lurking in your supply chain expenses

No matter how large or small your organization or how great a product you have, a detailed grasp of Costco requirements is essential to your success. Get started now by downloading our guide.

Experience & Results You Can Count On

We will help you develop the most effective strategy, pallet layout, and determine your all-in costs to prepare you for your pitch presentation with the Costco buyer. Think of this as knowing all the answers before you take the test!

With more than 50 years of experience, the TPH Global Solutions team has helped manage warehouse retail campaign challenges for a variety of industries, with reliable support and troubleshooting that covers all aspects of your retail campaign.

Download the Costco Success Guide