Today’s cosmetic shoppers are less inclined to be loyal to one particular brand and more likely to search for a product that perfectly meets their needs. This makes it both easier and more challenging to win over customers who might previously have shopped within a brand and are now fair game every time they enter a department store or drugstore.

Ever-discerning customers have the internet and social media at their fingertips, making it a snap to access product information and reviews. It’s becoming increasingly important to not only offer top-notch products but to market your brand with a compelling story and provide detailed information that will “sell” a product. Positioning products within dynamic cosmetic retail point-of-purchase (POP) displays is essential to winning sales, which is where TPH Global Solutions shines. This blog post covers how to effectively display cosmetics.

Grab Attention

Cosmetics run the gamut of colors, sizes and shapes of containers, offering a myriad of functions. It’s essential with such a wide array of brands and products to grab attention quickly with an arresting cosmetic display. Utilize colors, glossy finishes and technology to sell your message but be sure to provide plenty of information on product features as well.

Hands-On Help

Whether or not a sales associate is on-hand to offer assistance, displays with testers and mirrors that offer consumers a chance to feel and try on products is a good way to emphasize benefits and quality. Cosmetics countertop displays are especially effective.

Organize Effectively

Where there is not a sales associate on hand it’s important to organize products and the display itself in such a way to guide customers through the look and feel of products and the options for application. Interactive displays help with this process.

Cater to Niche Markets

Ethnic consumers make up an increasingly large segment of cosmetic buyers today, creating an opportunity for boutique and smaller brands to make sales and for larger brands to reach a new client base. Brands with unique stories to tell consumers do well.

Your Cosmetics Display Partner

TPH Global Solutions specializes in a customized, highly stylized approach to creating displays that meet the needs of cosmetics brand managers and target product marketing to the desired clientele. From start to finish we offer high quality displays at the best value price point based on available
time to launch.

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