Ruskova Vodka came to us recently to create cartons for their bottles of vodka sold during the holiday season. To do so, we overcame multiple supply chain challenges and used a combination of design and special effects printing to have the packaging stand out on the shelf.

Supply Chain Challenges Overcome

We managed the first shipment for which the cartons were manufactured in China, shipped to Russia for packing, and then shipped to the US for resale.

To avoid customs hassles and to speed up the process for the second run, we had the cartons produced in the US for the second shipment and drop-shipping them to each location. All of this was done in record time: under three weeks, and the drop-shipping saved them a lot of headache.

Special Effects Printing

For the boxes to stand out on the shelf, we used raised UV screen printing to have the red “Ruskova” and “Imported from Russia” lettering literally stand out on the cartons.

The raised UV also appeals to the consumer’s sense of touch, giving the packaging a high-end, luxury feel. Additionally, studies have shown that when your packaging appeals to multiple senses, you are far more likely to attract consumer attention and make a sale.

Strong Sell-Through

As a result, Ruskova Vodka sales were very strong for the holiday season and retailers were very happy about the sell-through.

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