23 at LIMA’s Licensing University, join our Chief Pain Reliever and Operating Officer David Schmidt who will share best practices for successfully pitching retail POP display programs – on the
floor, shelf or counter – to Costco, Walmart, Target, and any other warehouse club and big box store.David will present at Roundtable Session Two from 10:15am to noon in Tradewinds C-F.

Pitch Beyond Your Product

Retail buyers need to be convinced that you are capable of managing a diverse set of suppliers and can deliver on time and to expectation – in addition
to being able to produce a compelling product.

In our roundtable session, David Schmidt will discuss several selling strategies that will help you strengthen your confidence the next time you’re pitching
to a mass merchant.

Global Fulfillment You Can Count On

Winning the business is half the battle. Then you have to get your product to stores on time.

Since 1965, we’ve been the secret weapon for licensees by creating custom retail displays and
packaging and streamlining global supply chain logistics to ensure on-time delivery – without rework – to retailers around the U.S.

After the Roundtable

The roundtable session is quite short so, if you’re having retail POP sales or supply chain issues not covered during the roundtable, be sure to let David
know. He will set up a time with you to understand what’s going on and what can be done.

Contact us to learn more about retail POP displays and packaging

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