In an effort to continually expand our capabilities and offerings to our customers, TPH Global Solutions® is now adding a new product to our POP retail display repertoire… Plego®!

Plego® is an easy to assemble, solid structure which sets up in 5 short minutes, and can accommodate a high product load capacity. Perfect for beverage, liquor and health and beauty products, Plego® resides right between our temporary corrugated displays and our permanent displays as a mid-range option providing the strength of permanent at the value of corrugated.

Offered in a variety of configurations to meet our customers’ needs, Plego® is constructed with a sturdy reusable framework that can be re-clad in new graphic skins. This allows for a great amount of flexibility in the marketing of different products on the same display just by changing the graphic skins. Plego® also allows for customization in the number of shelves and the shapes. Plego’s ® creative options are surpassed only by its flexibility.

In short, it has the benefits of both a temporary display and a permanent display without the downsides of either. Click on the photo here or the video link below to view our YouTube videos showing the assembly and design options of Plego®. Contact us today to discuss how Plego® can enhance your products at retail!

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