One of our apparel licensee clients recently came to us with a big problem: they needed to get a shipment of 4,500 underwear half pallet displays to Walmart in three weeks, with product coming from their factories in China and India.

And, as usual, our client needed this done as cost-effectively as possible.

While other retail POP display and packaging companies may run for the hills, this scenario is exactly the situation in which we shine the brightest. We delivered all pallets on time, adhering to Walmart’s strict quality requirements – while also saving our client $40,000 in the process by having us pack out the pallets here in the U.S. at our Midwest location.

Don’t Panic

When we first learned of our client’s need, some of the people on their team were in a panic. This was a high profile project for them and they couldn’t afford to disappoint Walmart. Their Chinese and Indian factories couldn’t meet their Walmart deadlines. Here’s what they needed:

  • 4,500 stacked tray, half-pallet displays
  • 600 individual trays per container
  • 59 containers

While not a piece of cake, this was in our wheelhouse because we do it every day. The biggest issue was how to quickly and cost-effectively co-pack the pallets so they could ship out on time.


Even with some additional travel costs (11 pallets had to be air-freighted), we were able to save our apparel licensee client $40,000 by packing out each pallet at our Midwest facility, even though co-packers there are in high demand at this time of year, and charge accordingly.

Our co-packing services consisted of the following:

  • Coordinating all 59 containers, which arrived at different times with poor communication from our customer’s vendors of what’s been loaded on each container – some factories can only load 3-4 containers per day and can get 4-15 containers on each boat, so multiple boats left at multiple times from two countries
  • Unloading the containers as they arrived
  • Ensuring the right mix of sizes and SKUs within eight trays per half pallet (and three types of pallet arrangements for low, medium and high volume stores)
  • Adding graphic side panels manufactured here, along with shrouds, palletizing the loads and setting them up based on distribution center orders before loading the scheduled truck as they arrived

On-Time Delivery

Despite all of the challenges above, we delivered every pallet to Walmart on time, without any charge-backs by leveraging our 50 years of experience with retail POP displays and packaging. The product sold well and our client is in a great position to obtain repeat orders.

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