Floor displays may seem old school and not sexy, but tripling your product sales – especially when taking advantage of seasonal demand and offering discounts – can be very sexy for brand managers. Here’s how to do so.

Stock 4x More

Floor displays typically hold 4x more product than on the shelf so, if you have $100 on the shelf, you can get $400 onto the display. If your product sells through at the same rate of that on the shelf, there’s your 300%. You may consider incorporating a promotional price to further stimulate sell-through.

To keep costs down and to make retailer buy-in easier, we recommend using corrugated retail merchandising displays.
Corrugated retail displays offer a lower entry cost, high resolution graphics for messaging, and easier implementation and disposal by the retailer.
Corrugated can be used for a wide range of products from apparel to boxed product to liquids.

Prominent Location

Floor displays give brands the opportunity to be placed in more prominent, higher trafficked areas of the store – from within wide aisles to endcaps to near the checkout counters. This is particularly true for up-and-coming brands that may be relegated to the lower shelves.

In those opportunities where the brand has a longer commitment from the retailer, we recommend retail displays or fixtures made from permanent materials like wood, metal or plastic. We created a try-on station for AOSafety at Lowe’s and the display helped increase sell-through rates by over 90%.


Temporary floor displays are ideal to promote seasonal and holiday products. Just remember that retailers take orders for seasonal products six months ahead of time. The benefits of temporary displays for seasonal programs are the quick turnaround for production and lower cost.

Floor Display Concepts

Let us show you what’s possible by engaging with us to create some retail display concepts and renderings for your products. We can identify the best presentation options including display type,
materials, product facings, and overall presence to achieve your sales goals.
We can also help you prepare your pitch to retailers if you’ve not done this before.

Contact us to learn more about increasing product sales with temporary and permanent floor displays

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