Lack of consistency in the production of retail packaging and point-of-purchase (POP) merchandising displays is one of the biggest issues faced by brand managers and operations. This is especially the case when you source from multiple overseas suppliers.

We’ve worked with a giftware client that was sourcing packaging from multiple factories in China and none of the colors matched. We’ve also worked with a footwear company who had a shipment rejected by a major outdoor retailer because of inconsistent packaging print quality then turned down the order altogether even after the packaging was re-run properly and drop-shipped to every store.

Don’t let this happen to you. Below are two examples of how we’ve leveraged our 50 years of experience to ensure packaging and display consistency in your global supply chain.

Multinational Coordination & Drop-Shipping

In a recent example of our supply chain optimization, we managed the first shipment for a client whose packaging was manufactured in China. We then shipped the packaging to Russia for co-packing and then shipped everything to the US for resale.

To avoid customs hassles and to speed up the process on the second run, we had the cartons produced in the US and drop-shipped them to each location. All of this saved them a lot of headache and was done in record time: under three weeks.

Contract Manufacturer Management, Color Matching & Quality Control

For another client, we incorporated different packaging materials to support its contract manufacturers in China and Taiwan. Their packaging is printed with high-end embellishments and special effects, including matte film lamination with spot gloss UV. Ongoing coordination with their project teams and contract partners ensures the timely availability of replenishment materials.

To ensure colors match on packaging received from different vendors, we review all customer artwork files for consistency in composition, percentage of color and saturation throughout in addition to using state-of-the-art tools available in the printing industry. We also use the latest printing presses and deploy our QC partners on press to validate every run, and we then perform QC on the back-end using color management tools. Even with this effort, we do one more round of QC to catch scuffs and scratches.

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