It would be presumptuous to say, “we’ve seen it all…” The “it” refers to the many ways a retail POP display program can be derailed by poor execution, shipping and handling damage, resulting in avoidable costs, lost profits and stress-inducing/mind-numbing rework. These preventable problems drag down a company’s resources and morale and puts their relationship with retailers like Costco, Walmart and Target in jeopardy by missing delivery windows or worse: shipping damaged goods.

Our clients have come to depend on us to anticipate and overcome hurdles that crop up in their overseas and domestic supply chains that start as a trickle on the other side of the world, but become a waterfall when they land stateside.

That is why we are problem solvers as much as we are display creators. Here’s an example and what steps to take to avoid costly retail POP display shipping damage and rework, especially for pallet displays and other temporary floor displays.

TPH Global Solutions to the Rescue

Recently, one of our clients received a shipment of pallet displays bound for one of their warehouse club customers with catastrophic damage to the entire order. As is frequently the case, this order was assembled and packed by their product factory
to save money.

Within 24 hours of getting the “call,” we had a representative on the ground assess the scope of the damage and arrange for replacement parts. We engaged our local resources to supply any needed un-printed structural components. Printed pieces had to be re-ordered and air freighted in from China. We coordinated our activities with the customer’s third-party logistics vendor.

While waiting for the materials to arrive from China, we began to segment and sort the displays. Taking what was good from some to replace the damaged items in another. It wasn’t easy, but we were able to salvage about 70% of the material and complete the rework within eight days – meeting the order deadline and allowing the product manager and the entire product team to return their focus to more value-added activities.

Decades of Supply Chain Optimization

Our client was exceptionally grateful and we appreciate the gratitude. That said, we hate rework and do everything possible to make sure orders can handle the rigors of distribution and handling throughout a customer’s supply chain. For this reason, we cannot stress enough the benefits of having us manage the order entirely from the product factories through distribution to the retailers.

At TPH Global Solutions, we’ve had decades to develop best practices around the handling and logistics of retail POP display programs that eliminate the risk of costly rework and create the optimal supply chain for our customers.

An Ounce of Prevention: Count on Us

Rework is extremely costly as well as physically and emotionally stressful on a company’s workforce and negatively impacts a product team’s morale and focus. Working with TPH Global Solutions, clients can expect an experienced partner with both the resources and know how to design, produce and manage the order to minimize the risk of transit and handling damage and deliver the product on time and with the required quality.

After all, we live for those “Ahhh…” reactions when the shroud is removed at the store and everyone, customer and retailer alike, is happy!

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