Are you sitting at your desk thinking of the sales that slipped through your grasp? Timelines for today’s major retailers leave no room for error, especially Walmart, Sam’s Club & Costco.

Need to coordinate with multiple overseas factories to meet the in-store date? How do you say “yes” to orders with confidence that your supply chain will execute on your retail packaging, POP displays and pallet displays?

This constant cycle of pain from not being able to respond to your customers with timely information (renderings, planograms, display samples and pricing) to failed execution in the field severely limits opportunities for brand managers to capture significant new product sales.

What if you had a partner that could rapidly produce both samples and production units and present you with new design and material concepts that will accelerate your sales with enough time to take advantage of them? TPH Global Solutions is that partner.

For the last 50 years, we’ve been one of the most reliable and trusted retail POP display and packaging providers. When delivery windows are tight, we step in to coordinate with your suppliers to execute on retail orders. Our attention to detail, response to customer concerns and needs are unmatched in the industry. We come through for our customers on-time, every time. This is how we do it.

Remove the Pain in Your Supply Chain

Retail POP Pallet DisplayWe start by designing and sampling packaging and displays that will fly through retailer requirements – all with an eye on the entire supply chain and distribution system to make 100% certain your products will arrive at the store with the best-selling presentation possible. We will coordinate with your global suppliers to meet all retail requirements, color standards and 3rd-party testing to eliminate disruptions so you can focus on what is important: your brand.

To accelerate the design process, we produce samples here in the US for your review and approval. All of our packaging and displays are produced to US grade standards and utilize quality paper and materials to provide the consistent quality and structural integrity. All of our factories work to the same standards and expectations and are aligned with our CAD systems.

With extensive experience working with suppliers both domestically and in China and throughout Asia, we then ship finished displays and packaging directly to your warehouse or retailer warehouses, or drop ship them to locations nationwide.

Our project management teams in the US and China work closely with you and your factories to ensure accurate and on-time production and delivery. Through each stage, we maintain meticulous attention to detail and quality.

See two supply chain optimization examples here.

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