Recently, we haven’t seen much about “being green” as it relates to retail point-of-purchasing (POP) displays and packaging.

What happened? Was it a fad? Are brand managers and retailers no longer environmentally conscious?

As you may have guessed, sustainability is as relevant as ever – it’s just evolved…

Low Carbon, Efficient Production

Reducing your carbon footprint by producing products, packaging and POP displays is now the name of the game.

Companies are now expect FSC-certified paper and are demanding efficiency throughout their supply chains more this focus reduces costs, enhancing the user experience and reducing transportation, the use of material and the resulting impact on the environment.

The Pods Example

One of the most well-known examples of this is the launch of Tide “Pods” by Procter & Gamble. By offering concentrated laundry detergent, they removed an enormous volume of water used in their products and reduced the weight of the package – nice for reducing transportation costs and especially handy for consumers that don’t live in a ranch. Everybody wins.

Sustainability in Your Display & Packaging Supply Chain

A current TPH Global Solutions sustainability example is a program we’ve devised for one of our clients removing two legs of transportation in their display and packaging supply chain.

TPH used to send product boxes to their customers factories, who would then send packed cartons to us. After designing a master/bulk shipping carton, our client will send us the products and we pack them into displays.

Thus, our client’s factories no longer have to hold product and ship. They can load product into bulk containers that we supply, ship a large quantity of product to for domestic pack-out vs. sending pre-packed product that takes more space and more trucks to get them to us. As a result, our client avoids shipping a lot of air, has cut the number of trucks needed for shipping from 89 to 37, saves over $100,000 per year, and gets their product to stores two weeks faster.

What can we do for you?

Contact us to learn how you can “be green” today by having a sustainable retail display and packaging supply chain – and saving a lot of money in the process

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