From shoes to boots to slippers, we have five decades of experience creating both retail packaging and displays for the footwear market.

Considering that $20 billion of the $43 billion total US footwear market is imported from China ($17 billion) and Vietnam ($3 billion), we also have extensive experience co-packing in Asia, which saves our clients up to 20% on every shipment.

Footwear Packaging

Packaging is critical to getting noticed in a retail environment, whether on a shelf, on a hook or in a display. However it needs to be displayed, we can identify the ideal materials for your footwear packaging, create a compelling design, source the right materials, and coordinate production and co-packing, because presentation is the key to selling more product. It’s also important to allow consumers to see, feel and possibly try on the product without destroying the packaging. For slippers, it’s critical for the box to look good and be inexpensive.

If displayed on a pallet, footwear packaging also needs to support the weight of packaging that sits above it, which is more challenging today since there aren’t as many fillers in each display as there used to be.

Here are a few examples of our work in footwear packaging:

Footwear Packaging Slippers Nautica Corrugated
Footwear Packaging Slippers Hanging

Nautica Chipboard Packaging

Dearfoams Hang Tab Packaging

Footwear Corrugated Pallet Displays

One of the most popular forms of footwear displays are temporary, corrugated pallet displays, used extensively in warehouse clubs like Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s.

Here are a few examples from our portfolio:

Pallet Display Soapy Soles
Temporary Display NASCAR Slippers
Footwear Pallet Display
Footwear Pallet Display Dearfoams
Footwear Pallet Display Eddie Bauer
Footwear Pallet Display Terrasoles

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