There is trouble everywhere in the global supply chain.

With over 50 years experience managing retail POP display and packaging projects for a wide variety of products, we’ve seen just about everything that can go wrong in a retail campaign that starts with products and brands being made on one side of the world and finishes with delivery and sale on the other.

Here Comes Trouble

It can be a tricky path to navigate. Trouble comes in many forms. It travels by air, sea and rail. It’s packed into shipping containers and it shows up rudely on the loading dock just when you can start to catch a glimpse of the finish line. It disguises itself as a small thing early in the process and then when you overlook it, it grows into a budget-swelling, deadline-sabotaging mess.

It is no coincidence that our clients have come to think of us as troubleshooters. No matter how beautiful or innovative our displays may be, our expertise in navigating global supply chain logistics is without question the most valuable skill we bring to the retail campaign.

Find It Before It Finds You

It starts with asking the right questions and an intimate knowledge of what can go wrong. It’s one thing to have the skill and experience to get a campaign back on solid footing when trouble strikes. It’s exponentially better to have the knowledge you need to keep it from cropping up in the first place. As we frequently tell our clients, there are no small problems in a global supply chain that has to bridge language, culture and timing gaps. Every little small issue has the potential to grow into something that can create havoc on your campaign down the line.

Whitepaper Highlights

Our whitepaper, Eliminating the Pain From Your Global Supply Chain, includes some best practices for avoiding trouble in the global supply chain. It will help you to identify common supply chain mistakes, close the gaps in your supply chain and – perhaps most importantly – create a repeatable strategy for success. In addition to strategies for avoiding supply chain missteps, you’ll learn:

  • Common supply chain errors
  • Frequently overlooked supply chain costs
  • Selection criteria for choosing an offshore supplier
  • How to create a culture of success among your partners

Managing global supply chains and logistics is a daunting task for even the most seasoned teams. With a good strategy and a strong partner, you will find yourself well positioned for a successful campaign.

At TPH Global, we have been helping clients through the process for more than half a century. When you partner with TPH, our expertise and experience pays for itself in preventing damage, lost time and missed deadlines! Contact us to learn why our clients rely on and trust TPH with their most important retail campaigns.

Download our whitepaper: Eliminating the Pain From Your Global Supply Chain

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