The right packaging can set your product apart, get the attention of prospects, increase brand recognition, and more. 

Packaging can make or break a product – sometimes literally – and particularly when in-store shopping is limited and e-commerce platforms are booming due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the age of “Instagrammability,” ordinary brown boxes just don’t cut it. An emphasis on aesthetically appealing, frustration-free packaging has led companies to step up their packaging game.

Don’t be left out – work with an experienced packaging partner to ensure your items arrive undamaged and presented in packaging that does more than just contain your product. The right packaging adds to the experience, with memorable, eye-catching and sensory details.

The Era of Unboxing Videos

Heard of unboxing videos? They’re a popular social media trend that involves the user filming themselves opening a new product. From children’s toys to luxury skincare products, unboxing videos can pull in millions of views – AKA, free advertising. But if your packaging is complicated, surrounded by pesky foam that somehow gets everywhere, or is just plain (yawn) boring, it’s not going to impress the cool kids on social media platforms or anyone else.

As if the social pressure were not enough, companies also have to meet strict packaging guidelines from online e-commerce amazons, like, you know, Amazon. It’s an obstacle course of popularity, logistics and practical concerns. Like getting dressed for prom night, except you won’t need a corsage.

Here are a few tips for creating the perfect packaging:



Print instructions, information, and graphics on the inside of boxes. Put imagery on the outside of packaging (a magnet for doorstep thieves!)
Design packaging to optimize space (and safety!) for the product. Package products in oversized boxes.
Think about the unboxing experience – what will your customers see/touch first when they open the box? Leave raw edges on cardboard that can cause papercuts.
Test your packaging for durability and compliance with e-commerce platforms. Ignore packaging guidelines from e-commerce vendors.
Frustration. Free. Packaging. Wrap your product in 10 layers of plastic and foam that takes an hour to unwrap… and another hour to clean up the mess.


Packaging Is Part of Your Product: Make It an Experience

It’s not just about getting your product from point A to point B. The touch, feel, layout and look of the packaging are just as important as the safety and practicality of the box.

At TPH Global Solutions®, we work with clients to design and create beautiful, practical packaging that meets the exact needs of their product while ensuring compliance with third-party ecommerce platforms.

As a global packaging company, we have decades of experience in designing and manufacturing cost-effective, innovative, and transportation-proof packaging for a wide variety of products. From placement to packaging, we can help clients develop and execute a strategic product plan and supply chain.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help with your packaging needs.

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