TPH makes the execution of pallet displays easy and painless. Whether you are making your product in Asia or the United States, TPH Global Solutions can design and supply a pallet display that will conform with WalMart, Costco, BJs, big box stores and grocery chains requirements.

TPH will design and ship test your pallet display in the U.S., and then have it produced either domestically or internationally to our U.S. specifications.

Most product manufacturers don’t know how to design pallet displays. Their strength is producing the products that go into these displays. At TPH, we design our displays to fit within a container or truck the most economical way. We try to maximize the cube of your shipment where ever possible.

To design the most environmentally sustainable display, we use the least amount of materials and create a design that requires the smallest footprint possible. In addition to being sensitive towards our environment, we want to design displays that highlight your product. Color consistency and display quality is our top priority. When your displays arrive at the retailer, all they have to do is remove the protective shrouds and display your merchandise.

Our displays will help you sell more product. It’s a win-win recipe for a successful marketing campaign.

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