Consumer product goods (CPG) companies who manufacture in China and throughout Asia increasingly benefit from partners that co-pack for them directly in those countries. In addition to ensuring the highest quality of printing, utilizing co-packing services by a packaging expert allows CPGs to ensure the highest quality of packaging and can dramatically reduce shipping costs. Here’s how it works.

Co-Packing Process

Reputable co-packers in Asia will:

  • Receive your finished product
  • Create higher quality packaging than the finished goods manufacturer (it’s their focus)
  • Pack them into boxes
  • Pack the boxes into your point of sale/purchase (POS/POP) displays
  • Each POS/POP display will be properly designed with the necessary combination of top and bottom caps, corner posts and sometimes shrouds are sometimes used to protect pallets during shipping
  • Prepare loads for overseas shipments
  • Prepare documentation for your freight forwarder for easy shipment

How to Eliminate Double-Handling Charges & Save Money

Costco’s direct import program and similar programs of other retailers are financially successful because they save the retailer double-handling charges. Instead of being shipped via container to the US, then shipped to the distribution center and then shipped back out to its final destination, products already packed into displays can be shipped directly from China to their final destination, which causes these retailers to get better shipping rates than most. Your co-packing partner in Asia can help make all of this possible.

Co-Packer Value-Add

In addition to ensuring the highest quality of packaging, a co-packing partner will inspect your products, get them into your supply chain as fast as possible and in a way that reduces shipping costs. If the co-packer also creates your POP/POS displays, then they can help you streamline the shipping process even further and ensure the highest display quality.

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