Everything from cosmetics to electronics is marketed and displayed on the counter – whether at the register as a point-of-sale item or in an aisle, meant to stand out from other, similar products.

Some items showcased in a countertop displays are impulse buys and the consumer must be sold on the product very quickly. In other cases, as with premium cosmetics, eyewear and electronics, customers come into the store with a need for the product and must be persuaded to buy a specific brand. Regardless of the product being sold, creating an effective countertop display depends on several factors that require careful consideration and here’s how to do so.


With only seconds to draw a customer’s attention to a product, countertop displays should be well organized and not cluttered. Carefully consider the material used to complement the merchandise. Commonly used material for countertop displays includes plastic, corrugated, paperboard and, acrylic.

Communicate Value

Counter displays have about 15 seconds to let a consumer know why the product is a great buy and a must-have item. Communicate value through color scheme, copy (content describing the product’s features/function), how the product is organized and through signage. The display is an extension of the selling voice of the company and serves as your silent or unattended salesperson.

Enhance Packaging

Carefully consider your product packaging and employ a countertop display that complements the message and the design. If marketing for the display and packaging are thought through at the same time, the probability of a successful outcome is much higher. A display that is developed later than product packaging should serve to compensate for any shortcomings in product packaging or messaging.

Focus on Function

Understand your consumer and the channel you are selling to and convey that in your countertop display. Failure to incorporate some component of functional benefit in your marketing is a lost opportunity. A countertop display’s utility is greatest if the display can draw the consumer in to the functional utility as quickly as possible.

Make the Sale

Use your countertop displays effectively with packaging graphics, product organization, display structure and the proper content to draw consumers in. Your products should be easy to find on a display that grabs attention and quickly convinces consumers to make a purchase. We can help you achieve all of the above, but we can’t help you unless you contact us.

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