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Retail POS Display Trends: PDQs & In-Shelf Displays

Tuesday Jan 12, 2016
Retail POS Display Trends: PDQs & In-Shelf Displays

In part 2 of our 2-part series on retail point-of-sale (POS) displays trends, we cover how big retailers are moving away from floor displays and are increasingly using PDQs and in-shelf displays. These trends involve cosmetics, footwear, pets, toys, hardware, eyewear, electronics, and more, and are based on our many display projects in 2015.

PDQ & On-Shelf Displays Are In

Club stores and big box retailers want more on-shelf displays, called PDQs. PDQ displays are basically chip board or corrugated trays that hold products and will often be filled with all kinds of graphics. If there's no height issues, you can also put a header on a PDQ or put a waterfall along the side that shows all product features.

In Target's cosmetics department, PDQs are about two-thirds of the shelf and waterfalls give the description of the products. We've also been working on a program for Farm & Fleet where they want to have aisles with all kinds of signage, under which sits your products.

Aisle Violators

If you're not doing a floor display, you may consider creating an "aisle violator" if permitted by the retailer. Aisle violators are signage constructed out of corrugated or plastic that hangs into the aisle and is perpendicular to the shelf. They can also hang from the ceiling above the product, which some retailers do allow. Aisle violators get people to notice in-shelf displays more than without them.

Retail Display Trends Are Cyclical

We could be back to floor displays as early as sometime next year. Walgreens had a clean floor display policy, and then went back. Sometimes you have to open up the floors in certain aisles. For liquor displays, there's often a case stacker with a header instead of a display, but they may have a big tiki hut for a rum promotion.

Because consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) pay for space, it may have been quiet for floor displays this year but not in 2016 because CPGs can redirect advertising dollars to buy floor space for displays and signage.

Whatever the case, we can help you determine the right form factor, material construction and design for your next retail display.

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