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Best Practices for Your Mass Merchandiser Pitch

Wednesday Jul 25, 2018
Best Practices for Your Mass Merchandiser Pitch

The pressures facing brick and mortar retailers have been well-publicized.

But consumers don't seem to have gotten the same message. As the economy grows and consumer spending grows with it, the retail space is evolving into a multi-channel landscape, with in-store demand holding its place in the ecosystem. That is a key takeaway in a 2018 Deloitte analysis of the retail outlook.

The shopping experience continues to drive consumers to brick-and-mortar retailers, the analysis found. Among other reasons consumers gave for in-store shopping:

  • Ability to interact with a product
  • No shipping costs
  • Looking for inspiration

Seasonal influences also played a role, with in-store shopping preferred for late summer's back-to-school shopping, while the Christmas holidays were more likely to send harried or crowd-averse shoppers straight to their keyboards. Either way, the analysis says, consumers come to the transaction with increasing expectations of speed and ease.

The Big Box Retailer Pitch: A Great Product Is Just the Beginning

Demanding consumers and a wide web of options means it takes a lot more than just a great product to get your campaign into mass merchandising outlets like Costco, Walmart and Sam's Club.

You've got to convince their buyers that you have a mastery of the entire process, from manufacturing to the store shelf. They are not going to take a chance on a campaign that poses a risk of missed deadlines or supply chain hiccups, no matter how good the product. Winning them over means having your processes – and your data – down cold.

At TPH Global Solutions, our expertise with big box retailer campaigns has been honed over 50 years of helping clients close the deal, deliver their products on time and make profit on every order. It starts with being well-prepared. Download our guide to the successful mass merchandiser pitch and learn some strategies for setting your next campaign on the path to big box success.

You'll learn:

  • How to prepare your pitch, including cost estimates
  • The elements of a successful pitch
  • Why pitches fail
  • How to build the buyer's confidence in your plan
  • How to close to deal

Whether you're launching a new product or you're looking for a seasonal boost for an established brand, TPH can help. Download our guide, Successful Strategies for Selling to Mass Merchandisers, and give your pitch a makeover.

For an even greater edge, contact TPH to learn how we can serve as your campaign's secret weapon.

Download our guide: Successful Strategies for Selling to Mass Merchandisers

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