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Costco Displays: Pre-Packed Pallet Display with Skirt

  Costco Display: Pallet Display with Skirt for Slippers
Costco Pallet Display with Skirt

Display Description & Impact

Based on our extensive experience producing pallet displays for warehouse clubs, we've learned that club stores want skirt for your pallet display when the product cost is high and they want to the reduce overall cost of the display. This is especially the case when doing a new product launch test: Costco wants to minimize their exposure when it's the first time a product goes into their stores. The image above shows the pre-packed pallet display we created for a slipper licensee.

Pallet skirts wrap around the 4-6 pallets to:

  1. Raise the selling height of a display
  2. Reduce the total count per pallet
  3. Enhance branding or messaging of new products
  4. The weight of a full pallet is too heavy

Costco Pallet Display Expertise

Let TPH Global Solutions guide you to success with your next product campaign. Last year, we created over 40,000 pallet displays for Costco. We can help you design, manufacture and distribute displays that effectively and efficiently market your products while adhering to brand and retailer standards. Whether your products are made in the USA, China or throughout Asia, our experienced team will take you from concept to testing to production and fulfillment on time, offering the highest quality displays at the greatest value.

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