Costco Displays: Pre-Packed Pallet Display for Slippers

Costco Pre-Packed Pallet Display

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Costco Displays: Pre-Packed Pallet Display for Slippers

Our client sells its own brand of slippers and footwear through a variety of retailers. In this case, we were asked to design, supply and fulfill more than 3,500 pre-packed pallet displays for Costco stores, managing the entire supply chain. We tapped into our global connections and strategies to deliver.

Once we settled on an approved structural design, one that conformed to Costco’s standards, we worked closely with our client’s Hong Kong office to smoothly manage the materials between vendors. This program has run successfully for two years and has shipped from China to Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, the US and Canada.

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Let TPH Global Solutions guide you to success with your next product campaign. Last year, we created over 40,000 pallet displays for Costco. We can help you design, manufacture and distribute displays that effectively and efficiently market your products while adhering to brand and retailer standards. Whether your products are made in the USA, China or throughout Asia, our experienced team will take you from concept to testing to production and fulfillment on time, offering the highest quality displays at the greatest value.

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