Costco Displays: Pre-Packed Pallet Display for Whiskey Cakes

Costco Pallet Display for Jack Daniels Whiskey Cakes

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The makers of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Cakes approached us for help in getting their product into Costco. Whiskey-infused cakes, in pecan, chocolate and vanilla, are a popular extension of the top-selling whiskey’s brand, which also extends to coffee, seasonings, sauces, and marinades.

So when the Great Spirits Baking Company in New York approached us to manage their pallet displays for Costco, the job was a perfect fit for us.

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Our Experience Is the Icing On the Cake

TPH Global has many years of experience working with warehouse clubs, each one having their own precise requirements for the product display in their stores. TPH also has much experience working with licensees, who are also held to exacting standards for maintaining brand integrity. Design and color-matching have to be perfect: There’s “black” and then there’s “Jack Daniel’s black.” As any licensee can tell you, they are not the same thing.

Meeting both licensee standards and retailer requirements is a multi-approval process in which almost anything can change at the last minute – except the deadlines. The ability to make adjustments or find alternative and cost-effective ways of accomplishing the same thing is a key part of why brand managers trust us with their licensed products.

Cost-Effective Brand Integrity

This came into play early in the whiskey cake project when we designed a shrink-wrapped alternative to a heavier, pricier two-pack design the company thought they’d need. The next step in the process was for TPH to design a tray structure that enhances the product. The final step in the process is the print. Yes, black is not always black so TPH had to match the print on the tray to the product packaging.

Licensees are exacting when it comes to the conformity of what the customer sees. Retailer standards are just as unyielding when it comes to what they don’t see: pallet displays have to ship without damage or shifting of pre-packed product during transport or set up. Structurally, they have to be sturdy and durable in the store as well, creating the most advantageous display of the product without sacrificing the integrity of the structure.

The process is rarely without at least one last-minute wrinkle. In the case of the whiskey cakes, new labeling for two-packs had to be added – with the same scrupulous color matching – to cover up the single-box UPC codes, and relabel the package as a two pack.

The final result was on time, on spec and under budget. Kind of like having your cake and eating it too…

Costco Pallet Display & Licensed Product Expertise

Let TPH Global Solutions guide you to success with your next product campaign. Last year, we created over 40,000 pallet displays for Costco. We can help you design, manufacture and distribute displays that effectively and efficiently market your products while adhering to brand and retailer standards. Whether your products are made in the USA, China or throughout Asia, our experienced team will take you from concept to testing to production and fulfillment on time, offering the highest quality displays at the greatest value.

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