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Walmart Display: Temporary Pallet Retail POP & POS Display

  Costco Temporary Pallet Retail POP Display
Walmart Pre-Packed Pallet Display

Display Description & Impact

Our global resources were put to work in creating this footwear display for NASCAR, to be placed in Walmart stores. We not only had a challenging time frame, but also had tight cost considerations, stringent NASCAR license requirements, and precise Walmart requirements.

Without our dual track capabilities – design in the U.S. and production in Asia – a display of the nature would have been too costly for our customer. By designing and prototyping the display at our U.S. facility we were able to follow an aggressive timetable for customer approvals. Production in Asia allowed us to keep costs in line and put delivery time in the fast lane. After the display was manufactured, our staff in Asia coordinated the transfer of the product to our U.S. facility where we packed out and shipped the fully assembled displays to Walmarts throughout the country.

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