Display & Packaging: Designing Enterprise Wide Solutions

Many companies in the retail point-of-purchase (POP) display and packaging business are good at what they do, but they take a narrow view of their role—and responsibility—in the design, production and fulfillment processes.

Real success – the kind that is repeatable – requires an enterprise wide view of the entire supply chain, from design and prototyping through manufacturing, co-packing and delivery. At TPH Global, everything we do is designed to work as part of a big-picture strategy, not as an isolated product or display.

Designing Compliance & Retailer Requirements In

At TPH Global, we design and build displays to meet retailer requirements from the outset. We don’t waste time and resources on designs that will not perform from the manufacturing source to the store floor. We make sure that:

  • All displays and packaging are built to stand up to the rigors of transportation and arrive undamaged, and on time
  • All displays and packaging are built to withstand the forces of clamping, stacking and consumer handling
  • All displays and packaging are optimized for maximum efficiency and value

What a Display & Packaging Partnership Looks Like

Imagine that your boss tells you to get 3 quotes on pallet display.

  • Vendor #1 takes your RFQ and asks a few questions about print requirements
  • Vendor #2 responds to your RFQ with a series of emails and a long list of questions about your product, sales goals and in-store date
  • Vendor #3 asks about your internal stakeholders and decision makers, conversations you’ve had with retailer buyers, whether your company has successfully managed a program through the retailer they are pitching, where in the pitch process you are, where the product is sourced, method(s) of distribution and handling, and your experience or longevity with the source manufacturer

Who do you think will serve you best? All of Vendor #3’s questions are centered around the enterprise and have yet to touch on the specifics of the display structure or print requirements. For obvious reasons, Vendor #1 is likely the cheapest but also omitted critical details that would greatly impact the quality and delivery of the program. Vendor #2 would provide a more thoughtful quote centered specifically on the display production, but would likely require revisions to the quote once the rest of the supply chain was uncovered.

Only Vendor #3—or better yet, TPH Global—engages all stakeholders, anticipates the needs of your entire enterprise, and designs a solution that will comply with all retailer requirements and survive the rigors of transportation, distribution and handling.

That’s what TPH Global has been providing to its clients for more than 55 years: end-to-end support for retail campaigns for warehouse clubs, big box stores, specialty retailers, and a wide variety of other retail outlets.

We act as your partner, providing extensive retail channel expertise along with oversight of all processes from beginning to end. We take the time to understand your goals and needs, working to identify risks and design in productivity and quality to maximize your resources for every display program. We even can even co-locate within your direct or outsourced factories. We manage and troubleshoot issues that arise in the supply chain and provide collaborative solutions to keep orders flowing productively.

You will find companies that can provide you with packaging and displays. However, to find a company that will partner with you to provide a system of end-to-end expertise, you have to look much further. You have to look for breadth, depth and experience.


Having a wide breadth of services allows a retail campaign partner to address and prevent a wider array of problems and adds more value to your process.

“The most important needs in a packaging and display partner are responsiveness, communication, accountability and transparency. TPH Global is four for four.”

– Visual Merchandiser of an Apparel Brand

TPH Global begins with a thorough assessment of your situation then provides what you need to move your project forward, from pitch support that covers the economics of your display so it’s profitable to the creation of mock-ups that will impress your buyer. For existing products, we can manage your supply chain to ensure on-time delivery and replace problematic suppliers if needed.

Review all of our capabilities here…


Breadth without depth is the mark of a generalist likely to over-promise and under-deliver.

At TPH Global, we’ve developed our capabilities over five decades providing retail displays, packaging and sales kits. Many clients have worked with us for over 10 years. We handle small volume test orders up to runs of millions of units.

We’ve shared our expertise with everyone from brand managers to brand presidents for everything from shoes and apparel to housewares and pet supplies, and we’ve developed these free resources to share with you:

  • Whitepaper: Eliminating the Pain from Your Global Supply Chain
  • E-Guide: Offshore Vendor Qualifying Checklist
  • E-Guide: Selling Retail POP Display Programs to Mass Merchandisers


A retail campaign partner should save you time, making your life easier, your supply chain more efficient and manageable by identifying and removing obstacles in your way. A partner should help you capitalize on opportunities and be aligned with your strategic goals.

TPH makes it easy for you to get your products to market so you can spend more time on growing your business!

“We will move heaven and earth to meet your timelines.”

– David Schmidt, President & Chief Innovation Officer of TPH Global

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