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A New Beginning...

Friday Sep 9, 2011
A New Beginning...

After 45 years of success, we at TPH Global Solutions® felt it was time to improve on an already good thing and boldly venture out into the blogosphere. Over time, we will post articles geared toward creating effective packaging and display programs. We will also post articles on the sustainability movement and it's impact on our economy and our industry.

Our goal at TPH Global Solutions is to help our customers sell more products with cost-effective, eye-catching packaging and displays. Simply put, for over 45 years, we have been helping our customers build their brand at retail. At TPH Global Solutions, we put our customers first. We want to make your experience pleasant and rewarding. Our goals are aligned with yours: if you sell more product, so will we.

So check back with our blog weekly for up-to-date information and interesting tidbits, and let us work on your next packaging or display project!

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