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Environmental Sustainability

Environmentally Sustainable Retail POP Displays

Specialty packaging and point of purchase (POP) displays have great impact on our environment. That's why we seek to find environmentally friendly solutions and promote sustainability in all aspects of design, materials, and methods.

We can provide our customers with materials that are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) or the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We work with manufacturing facilities that are certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO) in compliance with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards.

In short, we share your commitment to the environment and we offer a broad range of sustainable, renewable, and recyclable material options that include:

Environmentally Sustainable Retail POP Displays & Packaging

  • Corrugated: Recycled and Recyclable
  • Plastic: Recycled and Recyclable
  • Paper: FSC and SFI Certified
  • Wood: FSC and SFI Certified
  • Metal: Recycled and Recyclable
  • Print: VOC-Free Inks

TPH Global Solutions® considers the entire life cycle of our products before we propose a solution. Once a sustainable material is selected, we manage every phase of design and production to achieve the following objectives:

Environmentally Sustainable Retail POP Displays & Packaging | Design

  • Reduce Material Use
  • Optimize Transportation Efficiency
  • Improve Manufacturing Efficiency
  • Reduce Manufacturing Waste
  • Increase Storage Efficiency
  • Improve Recyclability
  • Encourage Reuse

We'd love to hear about your project objectives and design a cost-effective program that serves your product and environmental objectives. Call us at 1.800.966.1808 or email sales@tphinc.net

The Environmental Defense Fund has developed a Paper Calculator that shows the environmental impacts of different materials across their full lifecycle. You can calculate the impact of your material choice here: www.edf.org/papercalculator

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