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Your Guide for Creating Successful Retail Floor Displays

Wednesday Aug 30, 2017

Retail POP Display Success Guide

It isn't easy to break into the retail market with new products. For Brand Managers who want to get their small- and mid-sized brands in warehouse clubs, big box retailers, grocery stores, pharmacies, and other retail outlets, a successful floor display can be the first step and TPH Global specializes in guiding clients through the process.

We help our clients expand their market reach by creating floor displays that generate sales lift and an impressive ROI, ensuring retailers will find space for these products on the shelves. Not only do we create the display, but we can also help clients develop the planogram that will maximize retailer interest.

Retail POP Display Strategy

Here are some strategic questions for creating successful retail floor displays:

  1. What channels are you currently putting your product into and how do you want to expand that reach? Do you need help breaking into the market or expanding your market reach?
  2. What is your current channel strategy and how successful have you been so far?
  3. Do you want to focus your efforts on working with major retailers? Larger chains typically have more space for floor displays. Also consider whether or not these retailers are aligned with your brand message.
  4. Does the retailer you want to target accept floor displays and if so, how much space will they allocate to you? What other requirements do they have for floor displays? If you don't know, we are very familiar with the requirements for all the major retailers.
  5. Does the price of the product you wish to display support the cost of the display? You should figure a minimum of $250 for a display of sellable product to be featured on a floor display at a particular store; a counter display can be less but still requires some volume.
  6. Do you have funding in place to start and continue a floor display campaign? How long do you want these displays in stores and how many products need to sit on each display?

Retail POP Display Implementation

Here are some tactical questions and suggestions:

  1. Budget: if you haven't determined our budget and projected ROI, we can help you with this critical step. Clearly defining the cost of a program lays the foundation for a successful product launch
  2. Quantity: determine the quantity of product you want to sell on the display and the total number of displays.
  3. Length of Installation: determine how long your displays will be used in the store. This will guide you in types of materials (temporary vs. permanent) and is a critical detail in calculating ROI.
  4. Timing: when do you plan to be in-store? Is this a seasonal or promotional program?
  5. Assembly: are the displays shipping to the retailer assembled or knocked down (KD)?
  6. Shipping to (FOB): where is the end shipping point?

Need Answers?

If you don't have the answers to all of the above, don't worry: that is why we are here as a resource. Put our 50 years of experience to work to work for you. We will create a retail POP display marketing plan for you, including which retailers to approach and how to generate the greatest ROI.

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